Wet Abrasive Blasting

We can sandblast all sorts of things from household gates, fences, car panels, sculptures, steel doors, ute and truck trays, boat hulls and propellors, ballast tanks, “I” beams, silos and storage tanks, most steel structures and pipes…

Rust & Corrosion Removal

We blast it to near white metal, free of salts and contaminates! Ready for a quality coating… Our abrasive blasting system removes rust and corrosion from all metal surfaces and structural steel and can be used to both clean and restore

Surface Preperation & Cleaning

We’ll leave surfaces clean, contaminant free and thoroughly prepared for re-painting or re-coating.

Road Line Removal

We’ll remove all types of markings from road and pavement surfaces, including: Permanent and temporary thermoplastic paint, temporary road marking tape, surface dressing emulsion, resin-based paints and anti skid surfacing

Paint Removal

Our abrasive blasting services are especially effective at removing paint from all types of surfaces, including: • brick • concrete • timber • ceramic tiles • sandstone • bluestone • limestone

Boat Hull Cleaning

Abrasive blasting removes the following from boats hulls and decking, and marine machinery and structures such as • oil • grease • corrosion • soluble salts (chloride and sulphates) • chemicals • old coatings • old paint layers • algae • barnacles • grime and dirt

Deck Rejuvination

Give your deck a facelift! At Nu-Blast we can take the old grey look away, resurface and treat your deck to protect it from our harsh climate.

Sand Blast Structures

Remove old paintwork, graffiti and dirt from buildings and other structures.

Reveal Concrete Aggregate

Re-surface concrete to expose the aggregate stones to give it a new look!

High build protective coatings on pontoons

Air-less spray at high pressure applies high build coatings to recommended thickness.

Driveway repainting

Removing dirt and grime and recoating driveways and paths can change and lift the whole look of your house or structure.

Protective Coatings

The propellor on a boat literally can wear out from cavitation. Protect it the best you can with special coatings to get a better life span with smoother operation and speed.

Steel Cleaning

We blast it to near white metal, free of salts and contaminates! Ready for a quality high build marine coating..

Powdercoat Removal

Wet abrasive is cooler than dry methods. This means it won’t burn or melt powdercoat, effectively removing it without desortion of the steel itself.

Graffiti Removal

whatever the structure or material that you need graffiti removed from, our abrasive blasting services can be adapted to fit your needs.